Motherhood of the Traveling Teddy Bear

When I was born, my (eventual) Godparents bought me a teddy bear.  His name is Grover.  (My mom called me Grover when I was in her belly as a nickname, so she named the bear Grover once he was in the picture.)  Grover has been in my life for nearly 32 years now and has seen me through moves, breakups, and more moves.  He's lived in a lot of different apartments in a lot of different states.  Every time I found myself doing a purge and came to Grover, there was never a thought about getting rid of him as well. He's aged a bit, is a bit worn and matted in certain places, but he's still my Grover.

Grover used to wear a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt (I have no idea why).  When I learned I was pregnant, I knew I'd eventually want to give Grover to my child, but I wanted it to mean even more.  My Grandpa, who is now 97 years old, has always been one of the most important men in my life since I was never close to my father.  I asked him if he'd be willing to give me one of his shirts that I could cut up and make into a tiny t-shirt for Grover that would then be passed on to my child.  He was more than happy to hand one over.  So I did a quick snip job and Grover had a new outfit.

Recently we've introduced Grover to Henry and Henry loves him.  Grover calms him when Henry is on the changing table, and he snuggles with him in bed.  And as you can see from these pictures, Henry gets excited when he sees him.  In my Mommy mind I'm hoping that as Henry gets older, Grover will become his "thing"- that thing that he wants to carry everywhere to the point that we have to take him away when Henry turns 15, and then we'll secretly slip him into the box as he leaves for college.  To know that Henry may soon love Grover the way I always have is incredibly heartwarming to me- and to know that he also has a piece of my Grandpa close by makes my heart smile.


Have you passed anything sentimental on to your children?