My Perfect Day


In my perfect day, I wake up around 9:00.  Not to the alarm clock, not to the baby whining.  I just wake up.  Instead of hopping out of bed, I lay there for awhile and read.  Around 10:00, I get up to make myself a breakfast of crepes which I eat in front of the TV while watching a show I've been missing.  Then I go and take a bath, and read more of my book.  In the early afternoon, Brandon comes home with Henry (I'm not sure where either of them were because this is my fantasy) and we all decide to take a nap.  After that, we get dressed and head to Pittsburgh for a day spent walking around the city, eating, and taking Henry to the zoo.  It's one of those perfect spring/fall days- the temperature is nice enough that we don't need coats, but it's cool enough that we aren't sweating as we walk around.  We eat lunch at Point State Park overlooking the water.  We do a little shopping at South Side Works.  We have some dessert at the Cheesecake Factory.  And then we head home.  Henry naps in the car while B and I talk about nothing and everything.  We get home and B makes steaks on the grill and we sit down to eat dinner as a family.  Shortly after, Henry goes to bed for the night and B and I turn on a movie that we've really wanted to see, or maybe one of our shows that we haven't gotten to.  After awhile, he goes to bed and I lay down on the couch to read some more.  At a perfectly reasonable hour, I then head to bed as well.  And of course, Henry sleeps through the night.

When thinking about what my perfect day looks like, I realized that all I want in life is to have a little bit of time to myself, a lot of time with my boys, and a little bit of adventure in a great city.  As I've gotten older and more secure in myself and my life, I've realized that I need less and less in life to make me happy.  I just need to be surrounded by love.

What does your perfect day look like?

In This Post: Photo by Ilya