12 Months of Date Nights | February

11042958_831563666909043_3052084850720069771_n You know when Mother Nature swoops in and screws up your plans and you can't really forgive her so you still kind of hold a grudge?  That's what's happening right now.  But alas, I shall move on.  I mentioned before that for Christmas I made B a book of one date night for each month for the entire year so that we could make sure we're taking time for ourselves at least 12 times this year.  12 days out of 365 ain't bad when you have a small child, right?  Anyway, our February date night was dinner and a movie.  And let me tell you, we were EXCITED.  My mom offered to come and babysit Henry so that we could go see our first movie in years (I'm not exaggerating, it's been years)- and it happened to correspond with Valentine's Day.  Win/win, right?  Not so, says Mother Nature (bitch).

We debated over the movie, finally settling on American Sniper (how romantic), and then we found a restaurant that was offering a great deal on a 2 person dinner that included CHAMPAGNE.  If there's one thing I won't turn down it's free champagne.  I drink it with my pinky out, because it feels necessary.  So I ordered the movie tickets online the week before so that we wouldn't have the hassle of standing in line and/or the movie being sold out.  I picked out an outfit that I knew B would like.  We cleaned up the guest room so my mom would have a nice place to sleep. And we prepared for a romantic night away.

And then Mother Nature decided it all sounded too ridiculous and unleashed a monster snow and ice storm on us.  No movie for you!  So because my mom lives over 3 hours away, she wasn't able to make the trek (though she DID actually try until she realized just how dangerous it was).  I was bummed, B was bummed, my mom was bummed.  And because this has been the winter of never ending snow, I felt a bit stabby.  B promised we'd make it a great night anyway so he bought us steaks (his are better than any restaurant anyway) and surprised me with a bottle of champagne.  We rented Boyhood since I had been dying to see it and we hung out in our pajamas after Henry went to bed.

So it may not have been the date night I had envisioned, but I'm thankful I have a husband who will go to whatever lengths he can to make a day special to me, even if we're stuck inside.

As a side note, a couple weeks later we DID get a chance to go out for the night to celebrate my little brother's 30th birthday.  And though there wasn't steak, champagne, or movies, I'm going to go ahead and count it as our second successful date night of February.