My Biggest Fear

As I've mentioned before, a group of bloggers have gotten together to start a little online blogging group to share advice, get feedback, and support each other. We've decided once a month to all write a post on the same topic. Below my post you'll find links to all of the wonderful ladies in the group so that you can read about their biggest fears, too. I highly encourage you to check them out- you might find some new favorite blogs! f5_2007canada

If I really sit down to think about my biggest fears, several things come to mind: the death of my family or friends, disease, homelessness, failure, etc.  I would assume those are pretty common fears.  So let's talk about one of my other fears: tornadoes.  I am TERRIFIED of tornadoes and have been for as long as I can remember.  I'm not sure where my irrational fear started, I've never BEEN in a tornado, and yet every time there's a strong summer storm, I'm convinced the tornado is coming for me.  While I was pregnant, our area saw more than its fair share of storms, resulting in several tornadoes very near us, and many near my hometown.  The destruction caused by tornadoes is so great and consuming.

I remember when I was younger, my mom had left my brother and I home alone while she ran to the grocery store.  While she was gone a tornado had come through an area not far from us.  This is the first time I can pin point my fear.  I'm not sure if that's when it started, or if the fear was just exacerbated by that incident.  But I distinctly remember being at home with my brother, crying for my mom because I was so afraid the tornado was "going to get her".  Growing up I can remember several times of my mom saying "Sarah, we're going to Grandmas" when a storm was coming.  My grandparents have a concrete basement with plenty of food, water, and places to hide so that was our hideout shelter.

Brandon loves storms and I'm hoping that as Henry gets older we can teach him to not be afraid like Mommy.  Though I'd prefer he isn't sitting out on the porch WATCHING the storm with his Daddy, it'd be better if he wasn't scared.  Whenever strong storms are expected, you can find me pacing.  I walk constantly back and forth between windows, outside and then back in, always watching to see if it's getting worse.  I also start talking a mile a minute out of fear.  And my last resort is to just go hide in my bed and pull the covers over me.

Anyone else afraid of tornadoes?  What is your biggest fear?

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