Blog Templates

As someone who loves good design and loves to change things up even more, I'm always looking for beautiful blog templates to use.  Granted, I love to design my own, but sometimes (most times) I just don't have the patience.  And while everyone and their mother advises you to pick a design and stick with it for the sake of brand identity, sometimes you just like a little variation.  So I wanted to gather up a few places that I have found beautiful templates at great prices in case you're in the market for something new.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.41.39 PM Images via Blog Milk


Beautiful Templates, Better Prices

Blog Milk - This one seems to be a bit of a cult favorite, and it's easy to see why.  The designs are clean, classic and always have a hint of edge to them.  I have my eye on a couple of these for my next overhaul.  These are listed a bit higher in price than others on this list, but it's easy to see why. Available: Blogger & Wordpress Themes

Pipdig- One of my personal favorites, and where I purchased my current theme.  And I have to say, too- their customer service CANNOT be beat.  They are incredibly helpful, even after you've purchased the theme. Available: Blogger & Wordpress Themes

Red Met Yellow- A recent discovery of mine, they are also a bit higher in prices and are aimed more at businesses/photographers but I couldn't help adding them to this list.  The designs are INSANELY gorgeous.  And you can buy an entire branding packet so everything matches.  My designer heart really wants me to use one of these and SOON. Available: Wordpress Themes

Maira Gall- My personal favorite for Blogger blogs.  I used several of her templates while blogging at Coming Unstitched and they're each beautiful, easy to install and she's fantastic to work with!  Plus, her prices just can't be beat! Available: Blogger Themes

Pretty Darn Cute Design- I love these simple, uncluttered designs for their pretty, feminine details. Available: Wordpress Themes

Designer Blogs- These designs are for those who like a bit more color, a bit more detail in your blog design.  They're creative and bold and offer different color options.  The Blogger templates are as low as $15! Available: Blogger & Wordpress Themes

Creative Market- I recently discovered Creative Market and holy crap you guys, I spent like two hours browsing everything they have to offer!  There are weekly freebies and sometimes those include Wordpress themes!  Not to mention the gazillion they offer for a price! Available: Wordpress Themes

Blogzilla- Another love of mine for the simple and clean aesthetic that most people are after.  I've also heard good things about the customer service! Available: Wordpress Themes

Any that I've missed? Where do you find your favorite templates?