Following A Dream

Pet Peeve: When people talk and complain about something, but never take action to change it.

That is, in fact, one of my biggest pet peeves.  If you change nothing, nothing will change.  You get me?  I have three big dreams for my life: write a book, have an online boutique, and have an online magazine.  Those three ideas have been bouncing around in my head for years.  Every once in awhile I zero in on one of them with the aspirations of finally making it happen only to back down when it becomes overwhelming.  And then I realized I was living my pet peeve.  I was talking about it and doing nothing.  So I decided it was time to focus.  I picked one of my dreams and put the wheels in motion to follow through.

I'm starting an online magazine.

I'm still not sure I know exactly what I'm doing, and I'm still completely overwhelmed.  But I'm doing it.  I've been doing my research (a big shout out to those of you on my email list who have helped me out already!), and I've been designing and planning.  So I'm ready to do this.  I'm ready to take on the next big dream and see where it takes me.  And if in three months it fails, well, shit, at least I tried.

I'm in the beginning stages now, and I'm planning for a June 1st launch date.  In the mean time, I'm hoping YOU will help me out with various decisions.  I've created an exclusive email list for those of you that want to be somewhat of a focus group.  You can help me decide on logo designs, features and stories, and get sneak peeks at the making of this new little venture.  Plus, you'll be the FIRST to get access to the magazine when it is ready.  So if you're interested in joining the group and helping me out with this process, just click the button below to sign up.  (And by the way- I'm sending out the first email tomorrow for you to help me decide on a logo design- AND to find out the name of the magazine!)

I'm excited and terrified about this new avenue but I hope that you'll join me in the excitement part.  I'm also going to be looking for contributors so keep watch in your email to see if you might be the right fit.  And as always, I want to thank you for being such wonderful, loyal readers.  You guys are the reason that I'm feeling ready to go ahead and pursue this dream.  I know I have you guys standing behind me and rooting for me, and that is so very appreciated.

Ps... That photo up there?  It was created by my insanely talented friend Hannah of Pommellane (who you will no doubt be seeing in the pages of the magazine).  If you're looking for one of a kind hand lettered pieces, I can't recommend her enough.