Why I Moved to Wordpress

BLOGGERTOWORDPRESS Unless you follow me on Facebook, you may not have noticed anything different.  But a couple weeks ago I finally made the decision to move to WordPress from Blogger.  I've been blogging for three and a half years now and throughout that time my blog has lived on Blogger.  When I was first starting out and had no idea that this blog would turn into a "thing", I didn't take much time to research my options to see where exactly I wanted to house this thing I was creating.  I ultimately chose Blogger because it was free and seemed pretty user friendly.  And it is.  So for anyone thinking about starting a blog, I wouldn't blame you for choosing Blogger.  But over time, I realized I didn't have a whole lot of control, and I also needed some ways to make my life easier.

But, why did you do it?

You see, blogging is fairly intense and a lot of work goes on behind the scenes.  You know that #iwokeuplikethis hashtag?  Us bloggers try to make it look that way with our blogs.  We don't want you to know about all the coding and the writer's blocks and the blood, sweat, tears and MANY curse words that go into blogging.  It's easier to just be like "oh hey, I have a blog, look how pretty and seamless it is".  It isn't.  And then I also have this problem with wanting to change and tweak things over and over and over (perhaps you've noticed, *cough* blog design *cough*).  Blogger doesn't afford you the ability to change much unless you're willing to really dig into the code.  Though granted, it is because of this catch that I've been able to teach myself a good amount of coding and am now fairly comfortable with the behind the scenes CSS of a blog.

Blah, blah, blah - get to the point.

So, long story short, I wanted control, WordPress was going to offer me that control AND I'd be able to use plugins.  What are plugins?  They are these glorious things that make your life so much easier (stay tuned this afternoon for a list of my favorites).  It's basically like having your own personal blog designer in your back pocket to do anything and everything you want to do but don't have the time, patience, or knowledge to do.  It's now been one week and I'm so, so glad I have switched.  Granted, there are still things that WordPress doesn't do that I wish it did, but hey, not everything can be perfect (except for me, I'm totally perfect).

[Tweet "Plugins are like having your own blog designer in your pocket-WordPress has those, Blogger doesn't"]

Why are you telling me this?

If you've been considering a move from Blogger to WordPress but you're as terrified as I was, take a deep breath, read this article, and follow the instructions step by step.  And if you still are too scared to do it, or you have questions, email me- I have blog services to help you.  And if you need more convincing, come back this afternoon, read about the 7 plugins that have changed my life, and then think some more about it.  I promise, it's worth it- and I wish I had done it sooner.

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