My 7 Favorite WordPress Plugins

favoritewordpressplugins Earlier today I talked about why I decided to FINALLY make the jump over to WordPress after nearly four years of blogging.  Now I want to tell you about my 7 favorite plugins that have made this blogging life EVEN easier.


Hands down, my new favorite.  (Thanks, Jessica!)  My biggest obstacle I've been facing with blogging has been finding the time for social media.  I would spend all this time writing up these posts and then wouldn't spend any time promoting them.  Enter CoSchedule.  After I write a post, it's right there on my screen just waiting for me to quickly schedule tweets and Facebook messages for the day my post goes live, the day after, the month after, and any other time I might want to schedule it.  It also keeps track of my Top posts so that I can go back and promote those again as a glimpse into my archives.

WordPress Editorial Calendar

One thing that I will say that I like better about Blogger is the screen that shows you the list of posts.  It just looks neater on blogger (probably because it doesn't show you nearly as much as WordPress does).  I didn't like that it was hard to see my Drafts, or which posts were scheduled next.  I downloaded this Editorial Calendar and I love it.  It lays all of my upcoming (and previously published) posts out on a calendar so I can quickly glance and see what I have scheduled.  It also has a sidebar that shows me all of my Drafts.  So if I have a day with no post scheduled, I can quickly drag a Draft post over to the calendar date.  I also like that if I want to reschedule something, I can just drag the post title to a different day without having to go into the editor and change it.

Click To Tweet

I've always loved the click to tweet option that show up on blogs, but to be honest, adding it into my own and using the codes every time?  Too much of a hassle.  This plugin is perfect.  As you're typing up your post, there is a little Tweet icon in your toolbar.  Just click on it, insert what you want to make tweetable, and place it where you want it in your post.  So simple.

[Tweet "Just click on what you want to make tweetable, and place it in your post!"]

Content Views

I love when people have their posts divided into Categories, or Labels so that if I'm interested in one specific topic, I can read more.  What I DON'T like is clicking on a label and getting page after page after page of full posts.  I like being able to just see little snippets of what a post is about and deciding if that's the one I want to read.  There is plenty of coding  you can do to set up these summary pages, but ain't nobody got time for that.  This plugin lets you do it much more simply.  Just create your "Views", tweak them so they show as much or as little as you want, choose your layout and voila, instant summary pages.


Another thing that I liked better about Blogger's post page is that it shows you how many views each post has right next to the post title.  WordPress doesn't (which I find very strange).  But I just activated JetPack and it shows all of my site statistics on my dashboard which is even simpler than having to go to Google Analytics to do it (though I do also have the Analytics plugin installed).

Scroll Triggered Boxes

I like to push my email newsletter around here in the hopes that you'll sign up.  This plugin offers a simple popup that you can sync to your email lists (such as MailChimp).  I like this plugin because it's simple, unobtrusive, and easy.  You can also set it up so that if a person closes the popup, it won't show up again for X number of days.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Probably one of the most important plugins that I should probably be more excited about because it does so much work FOR me.  SEO makes me want to sleep- it's too technical for me and thinking about it gives me a headache.  But this plugin makes it super easy.  The interface lives right after each post so when you're done, just hop down to it and enter in your keywords, SEO title, etc., and it the plugin will tell you if it's "good SEO".  Basically, it'll help you do better in search engine rankings with very little involvement on your end.

Do you use any plugins that I should know about?

In This Post: Photo by William Iven