My Happy

I've got the winter blues, that's for sure.  The never ending white stuff falling from the sky, the sub zero temperatures that keep me cooped up inside.  It's forever, my friends.  I've been feeling a wee bit whiny and miserable because of this season so I wanted to sit down and come up with a list of ten things that truly make me happy.

My Happy List

1.  A really good song that makes it impossible for me to sit still.  Bonus points if it's in the car and I can roll down the windows and have the stereo blasting.

2.  A new pair of socks.  Don't deny it- there's something heavenly about putting on a fresh pair.

3.  Henry's uncontrollable laughter.  You know those baby giggles?  They are the BEST.

4.  Being curled up on the couch with a comfy blanket, a quiet house, and a good book.

5.  A limb shaking yoga workout.  I never thought I'd add exercise to my happy list.  But here it is!

6.  A day spent designing.  Whether it's at work or for a blog client, I love getting to exercise my creative side.

7.  A completely clean house.  I love walking in to see spotless hardwood floors, a freshly made bed, and a closet full of clean clothes.

8.  Holding hands with Brandon.  It still gives me butterflies every time he grabs my hand.

9.  Playtime on the floor as a family.  Our weeks feel hectic lately so every time we get to slow down and just play together the three of us, I'm a happy girl.

10.  A steak dinner cooked by Brandon.  Is it weird to add a meal to this?  Brandon makes THE best steak and since we don't have it too often, it's always such a great treat.

What would be on your happy list?