Your Questions Answered

photo-1424896842869-a5bda51fca24 I recently asked my friends on Facebook to shout out any questions they had for me to get to know me a bit better.  If you have anything you'd like to know about (serious, not serious, fun, about blogging, about life), shout them out in the comments below or on Facebook.

When do you know the time is right to give up the blueprint for your life and let life run its course?

I think I gave up my blueprint when I decided to have a child.  When I finally said, "okay, yes, let's do this".  I don't think that you necessarily have to give up all the things that you had envisioned, but your priorities shift so much that your blueprint might end up a little smudged as a result.  I had always envisioned that I'd live in several different cities in several different states throughout my life, seeing what each had to offer me.  And I had envisioned having several different jobs so that I could experience all of the things that I am passionate about.  But once I had a family, I realized that those types of things aren't always realistic.  I don't want to move all over the country and away from our families because then Henry would grow up not knowing his family.  And I don't want the instability that would come with consistently changing jobs.  So now I just try to find new ways to have a blueprint that includes my family.  I still have so many dreams for my life and with the help of a supportive husband, I think I can reach most of them.  But sometimes you just have to look around and take stock of what you have and figure out ways to fit your dreams in with the life you're living.

What exactly do you do at work?

As of the beginning of the year, I'm a marketing coordinator for an architecture & engineering firm that also has a construction services component.  Our speciality is building schools.  In my role I focus a lot on new business.  I search for new projects that are coming up and touch base with my superiors to see if they're interested in the work.  I design and prepare our proposals to submit for these new projects.  I also design our marketing materials- brochures, interview presentations, and any other display items we may need.  I track our proposals and potential leads, and I also occasionally meet with clients to discuss any upcoming projects.  I visit our schools to take photos to use for our marketing materials (let's me hone my photographer skills!), and I sometimes attend network events (which as an introvert is totally terrifying).  I am also in charge of social media, however I'm currently revamping our techniques as social media isn't exactly the place to "sell" a brand new school.  I attend marketing workshops and host marketing meetings.  I help those presenting in an interview prepare for it, set up lunch and learn meetings between our vendors and company and in general I will do whatever else is asked of me.

Because our firm is small (less than 25 people across both companies), we all wear several hats.  So in addition to my marketing responsibilities, I also have some administrative duties like answering the phones, greeting guests, filing and mailing.

Have you ever seen "16 Candles"?  And if so, did you know the actor that plays Jake Ryan lives in your state as a furniture maker?

I have seen it, and I didn't know that!  But after doing some quick research (stalking) I found out that he lives nearly five hours away from me.  I guess no Jake Ryan sightings for me.  Womp, womp.

When are you going to give me another grandchild?

Obviously, this question came from my mom.  But since many others have asked me about a second child I figured I'd just put this out there.  I'm not ready for a second child yet.  Someday I'm sure we'll give Henry a sibling to play with, but motherhood is hard.  And I'm exhausted and can't even think about trying to deal with a second one right now.  And honestly?  I really love just having our family of three.  I love getting to place all our attention on Henry (even if it does make him spoiled).  And when I'm at home at night with my two boys, I feel completely, 100% totally full to the brim with love.  I don't feel that there is a piece of our family missing.  I feel like we're exactly where we're meant to be.

Photo by: Eli DeFaria