12 Months Of Date Night | April

I mentioned that this weekend was one of those that kept me smiling even after it was over.  One of the big reasons for this was because B and I got to go out and enjoy our April date.  My mom came to stay with Henry and B and I took off for Pittsburgh and a day of enjoying the beautiful weather and a little quiet time. It's been an interesting month with Henry and this night of ours was long overdue.  We both needed time away, to be grown ups, to be with each other, to do whatever we wanted without having to worry about a tiny little person and what he might need.  We got to hold hands, and drink beers, and NOT share our food.

Giving B a booklet of 12 months of dates has been one of my favorite things to date.  What at first felt cheap and like a boring gift has turned out to be one of the things that we most look forward to.  As any parent will tell you, you can love those little creatures more than life itself, but still, you need time away from them.  You need to remember that before you were parents, you had each other.  Had I not been so set on doing these dates each month, I'm not sure we would've made the time.  So no matter how hard the times are, at least once a month I can look forward to being with my best friend.

We started the day with Mongolian BBQ. Not the fanciest of meals, but guys- BUFFET.  Also, we don't get to have it very often, especially when we don't have to share it.

My favorite date.

And then we headed over to the ballpark where we got some beers, sat on the sidewalk and just people watched.  I don't know what it is about being able to legally drink in the street, but it makes beer taste better I'm convinced.

If you've never been to PNC Park, it's a must see.  It has the most amazing views of the river and the city.  I tell you, there's no more beautiful park.  By the way, the Pirates beat the Brewers 6-2!

After the game, Zambelli lit up the sky with an INSANE fireworks show.  They go all out for these things.  It's like the 4th of July on a regular Saturday night and is one of my absolute favorite things about living out here.  Watching the fireworks explode over the city, my head rested on my husband's shoulder- my heart was so full.

And what would a date night be without a late night stop at Sheetz?  I mean seriously, those people have EVERYTHING.


Also, in the interest of bringing attention to this very real affliction, I present to you this picture my husband took of me.  In all of my resting bitch face glory.  The disease is powerful and the struggle is real.  My name is Sarah, and I suffer from resting bitch face.  I didn't actually hate that beer, although it may appear so.  That's just how my face is.

PS... Because I'm sure you're all like WHAT ABOUT MARCH'S DATE?! We had one, and it was glorious. We went out with some of our closest friends to celebrate my birthday. And then my mom got us a hotel room so we could sleep ALL NIGHT and then SLEEP IN. Obviously that was the best part. But I didn't get any pictures and a blog post without pictures of my face is so boring.