That Time I Got Rid of the Bottle

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I'm starting to believe that parenting is nothing more than taking things away from your child.  Whether it's things they shouldn't be eating, pacifiers, nap time, or now bottles, it's one big continuous game of "Sorry, you can't have that".

We've been slowly transitioning Henry into not using a bottle anymore as our pediciatrican said he should be rid of it by the time he's 18 months.  He was down to just using a bottle once a day, at bedtime, and a sippy cup the rest of the time.  Over the weekend we decided it was time to be done for good since he obviously didn't need it.  Thursday night when B gave him his bottle, he talked to Henry and tried to get him to understand that this would be his last bottle and that he was going to start drinking out of a big boy cup from now on.  (As a side note, we've been trying to explain things to him more instead of just saying "no", and it works on occasion to avoid temper tantrums.)

Then on Friday night it was my turn for the nightly bottle.  So I handed him a sippy cup with his milk and he took a couple sips, pushed it away and started whining.  I tried to give it back to him a couple more times but each time it just agitated him more.  So instead I calmly told him "buddy, this is all you get.  If you don't drink it out of this, you won't get any."  And I put the cup to the side and picked up a book to read.  Two  pages in he started whining and pointing towards the cup, so I handed it over and he drank the whole thing.  We made a big deal when he was done, clapping and cheering and telling him what a big boy he was.  He always eats it up when people make a big deal out of things he does.

We expected a repeat the following night, but instead he just accepted it and drank it.  And since then he hasn't whined one bit.  Amazing what one night of talking to him and explaining things will do!

So now it feels as if we're solidly in the toddler phase.  There's no more pacifiers, no more formula (our wallet is thankful for that), and no more bottles.  Apparently our little man is growing up.