Working For Experiences

My cousin Allison and her husband Mike travel a lot with their two (soon to be three) children.  They don't always go on long trips, sometimes just for a long weekend.  I'm always jealous of their travels and wish that B and I were able to travel that often with Henry.  And then I had to recently stop and ask myself why I seem to think that we can't.  B and I make enough money between the two of us and though we have some debt to pay off in the form of old medical bills and student loans, we still have enough to do small travel, and long weekends.

Our problem (which honestly, is mostly my problem) is that we spend our money on stuff.  I heard recently someone say that they didn't want to get trapped again into just working for stuff.  They wanted to work for experiences.  And I realized that's exactly what I want.  I spend a lot of money on things that I don't need (*ahem, clothes) and why?  Just so that I can get bored with them after a few months?  Why not instead take that money and spend it on an experience- even if it isn't travel.  Why not take that money and spend the day going to museums and children's exhibits in Pittsburgh?  Why not take a long weekend and go visit friends just a few hours away?

Granted, we have other things that we have to spend our money on now that we're homeowners (seriously, I never quite realized just how expensive being a homeowner is).  And I do want to spend our money to make our first home everything that we want it to be.  But there is still plenty of money to be saved up to spend on an experience.  And that's what I'm going to be working on now.

I'm going to set up a separate savings account that I can deposit the money that I'd normally spend on nonsense things into right when I get paid so that I'm not tempted to spend it.  I'm sure it'll be hard to get used to at first, but when the time comes that we get to take Henry somewhere new to explore for a few days I know I'll be proud that I did it.

So do any of you have tips for saving for experiences?

In This Post:Photo by: Dave Robinson