Babies and Cars


On Saturday I'm leaving to go to this place again.  Bald Head Island.  I was there a couple years ago to watch my sister and her husband renew their vows, and we now get to go there again as a family of three.  To say that we're excited and REALLY needing this would be a giant understatement.

Since March I've been working really hard on the first issue of my magazine.  I have now released it to my email list, and next Monday I'm releasing it to everyone else- the same day that my vacation "officially" starts.  After a lot of long, sleepless nights in preparation for the magazine, I can't tell you how much I'm needing a bit of relaxation with my family.  I see many nights of laughter and many, many beers.

But first, we have to survive the 11 hour car ride with Henry.  Henry who USED to be an all-star traveler has now decided that he hates being in the carseat for any length of time.  We've decided to travel at night while he'll (hopefully) be sleeping.  But just in case that doesn't work out for us- have any suggestions for keeping him occupied?  We have a DVD player loaded up with Thomas, a magna doodle, magnetic toys and a cookie sheet, books.  What else keeps the kids calm?  Your suggestions could save my sanity.