I Am Sarah.


Before I had Henry, I was convinced that I wouldn't become one of those Moms who were so wrapped up in their children that they lost sense of who they were outside of parenthood.  That would never be me because I like me, I like my life, and how can you forget to just be yourself?  I know, I'm laughing at myself, too.  Because the fact is, it's REALLY simple to just become a parent, to just become so intertwined with the tiny little person who needs you for everything, including wiping their ass.  But I am still me.  I am still Sarah.  Sarah might be pushed down a bit deeper, she might be hiding underneath piles of food covered laundry, and dirty diapers, and toys on top of toys on top of toys.  But she is still there.  And to prove it, here is a little bit about me.  Aside from my role as a Mother.

+ I am smart.

I have both a Bachelor's degree (in Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising), and a Master's degree (in Business Administration).  And I graduated from both programs with honors.

+ I am funny.

I tend to think I'm hilarious.  Granted, maybe I'm not as funny as I think I am, but I make B laugh and that's good enough for me.  Those times when we get to get away together, we laugh most of the time.  I say ridiculous things and they make him laugh.  I am also incredibly sarcastic, which is where the power of my humor lives.

+ I am determined.

To those of you who know me in real life, this might be the most defining trait of my personality.  I am determined and ambitious and motivated and I always have been.  I want things and I go after them.  If a door closes in my face, I climb in the window.  I find ways to get what I want.

+ I am talented.

I have learned over the years where my talents lie and I've learned to be proud of them.  I will never be the girl who is good at math or geography (because seriously, who knows where North is all the time?).  But I am the girl who is good at writing, who has an eye for design, and I know how to work those to my advantage.  Recently my sister-in-law described me as a creative type.  And she's right- that's what I am.  I am creative, and I'm completely satisfied with that label.

+ I have style.

Granted, my style has undergone a huge transformation in the last year, but I still know how to put clothes together to make them look good, and I know what works for me (and sometimes for my friends).  I still love fashion.  These days I just tend to focus those talents on little people clothing.

+ I am a good listener.

I tend to be somewhat of a therapist for my friends.  I have many friends who come to me with issues and I do my best to listen and offer possible solutions.  Because I have a group of friends that I've been close with for the majority of my life, I try to be the best friend that I can be, even when I'm not around or even when my life is crazy.  But I always make sure I have the time to listen.  If they are entrusting me with their lives, I want to have the most open ears possible.

+ I am kind.

I care about people, a lot.  I can sometimes get overly involved because I care.  But I am at heart a kind person.  I wish people well and I do my best to be a good person.  I am friendly, I have manners, and I am polite.  I always say please and thank you, and I do not lose my temper, even if I want to scream in my head.  I often try to put myself in someone else's shoes and see the world from their vantage.

So now it's your turn- tell me three things that YOU are.