I'll See You Soon

I'm calling it an early week and bailing.  Although, granted, I'm not ACTUALLY doing that because I have a job and responsibilities and whatnot.  But I am going to disappear from the blog until next Tuesday.  And that Tuesday happens to be when I release Holl & Lane to my email list.  So really what I'm going to be doing is working my ass off, just behind the scenes where you can't see me.

But I wanted to stop by and tell you to have a great weekend.  A nice loooooooong weekend.  And to remind you to stop and think about why we even have this nice long weekend.  Say a special thanks to the servicemen and women.  So, I'll see you on Tuesday.  Be good.  Be safe.  Have fun.

Ps... I'm on the hunt for some people.  I need some people to join the social media team for Holl & Lane, and also someone to help me hunt for advertisers and to source stories for the upcoming issues of the magazine.  So if you would be the right fit for that, email me!  I'd love to talk to you and have you join this great team we're creating!  Help me tell stories that the world will love to read.

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