Maxi Dress for Petites

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Some things that have been going on in my life lately:

+ Henry is sleeping through the night!!  I can't emphasize how huge this is.  After fifteen months, countless ear infections, colds, reflux, and teething, we've had a week and a half of straight sleeping through the night.  FINALLY.  Which also means that our baby feels better.  He goes to bed around 8:00 pm and we don't hear a peep from him until 7:00 am.  It's heaven.  HEAVEN I tell you.

+ My magazine is really coming along.  I have all of the articles plugged in and now I'm just designing.  You guys, it's so damn much fun.

+ This weekend we're getting rid of the hideous bushes that are basically overtaking our home.  My brother is coming over to help us take them out and I'm so excited to see how it's going to look.  I think it'll really open up our home, not to mention being able to see out of our huge living room picture window.  After that, new windows (coming in about a month!), and then we're painting the house- which honestly I'm most excited about.  I can't wait to share a before and after.

+ I asked you guys what topics you most liked seeing on the blog, and unsurprisingly, your favorite topics were Life and Motherhood.  Not so fond of the business posts around here.  So don't worry, I heard you loud and clear.  And to prove it, that's why this is a Style post.  Though that last photo up there?  That's why I don't do outfit posts anymore.  I have a permanent photo bomber hanging out around me.

+ This dress is the first maxi dress I've found that fits me perfectly.  Maybe because I got it in the petite section of Loft?  I suppose there's a lesson in there.  (Pssst- the dress is on sale.)