Taking a Chance

We had moved in together just a few months prior when B came home one day to announce that there was a great job opening within his company that he was interested in.  It'd take him out of the field and into a supervisory position.  The only problem?  The job was near Pittsburgh.

Awhile before this day, I had taken B to Pittsburgh as a surprise birthday getaway.  We explored the city and went to a Steelers/Browns game, and as we stood on Mt. Washington, I distinctly remember saying "we should move to Pittsburgh".

So now, that option was here.  We could move.  We could start building our lives together in a completely new city.  Except, I didn't want to.

My initial reaction was "no".  And to think back now, I honestly don't know why that was, other than fear.  Fear because I had just gotten comfortable in Columbus, a city I had been dying to live in for a long time.  Fear because I was looking to move into a fashion career there in Columbus, also a dream of mine.  Fear because we had only been dating about a year, had moved in together less than three months before, and weren't engaged.  And fear because we didn't know anyone out there, much less knowing anything about the city.

So we debated, and I cried and I felt lost.  I didn't know what to do, I didn't know if I should take a chance and hope that life with B worked out.  I didn't know if I should stay behind, lose him, and try to find my own way in Columbus.  I didn't know if I should ask him not to apply for the job, making him stay in a position that he didn't want to be in anymore.  So I did what I always do and I called my sister in tears.

Her one question to me was "Can you see your life without him?"  

After talking with her, I sat down with B and we talked it through.  I told him my fears, and that my biggest was us not being engaged.  I told him I didn't need to be engaged before we moved, I just needed to know that that is where he saw us in the future.  He told me of course he saw us getting married, otherwise he wouldn't have asked to begin with.  We wouldn't have moved in together.  So I told him to apply.

A few weeks later I came home to find him on the computer, casually looking at apartment sites.  I asked him what he was doing.  "Oh, just looking for an apartment for us in Pittsburgh", he said.  It took me a second.  "You got the job?!"  He got the job!

And so our new lives began.  On a cold day in March, just days before my birthday, we moved into a two bedroom apartment outside Pittsburgh, with no friends or family nearby, and with no idea what the future would hold for us.