Too Much Life In Your Lifestyle Posts


I read something recently that said one of the main reasons a lifestyle blogger doesn't grow is because they include too much of themselves in their blog.  But wait, hold up- isn't that the point of a lifestyle blog?  If the blog is on your life(style), then won't there surely be posts about you (and your life)?

The more I got to thinking about this, the funnier I thought it was.  Here I am, coming to this space day in and day out, sharing nothing but snippets of my life.  My life as a Mom, my life as a Wife, my life as just a regular Jane on the street.  So, is this the reason I haven't become an overnight sensation who earns millions of dollars to blog about what toilet paper her family uses?

But you know what?  I share snippets of my life because this is my blog.  And it is what I've built.  Recently I asked you in a quick survey what your favorite "topics" were to read about when you come here.  Do you know what the number one response was?  My life.  You like reading about me, what I'm up to, what I'm doing.  (The very close second was Motherhood, and the very close third was Marriage, just in case you were curious.)  So what does that tell me?  That article I read couldn't be farther from the truth.  You come here because you're interested in me, and because I talk about my life.

I don't do anything exciting.  I don't have an exceptionally witty writing style that has you laughing.  But I'm real and honest and you can relate to me (or at least, that's the information I've gathered from you).  And that to me is way better than blogging about toilet paper (for the record, we use Charmin- though not exclusively).  If I can relate to even one person and make them feel better about their point in life, to make them not feel so alone, or to leave them smiling, even if only for a few minutes, then I feel like I have done my job.

So thank you for letting me write about my life.  Thank you for confirming that you're interested in ME.  Even if it's mostly because my child is so damn cute.  I'll accept that, too.