Henry: 16 Months


It's been awhile since I've done a true Henry update, and I love having these for him to read in the future.

Dear Henry,

You're sixteen months old now and I can't even believe how much you've changed recently.  You're starting to say a few words here and there (mostly Dada, Mama, Hi, Juice, and most recently More), you're almost running, and you're in a really great pattern where you SLEEP at night.  You are so much fun lately.  Mimicking us and giggling.  You've been babbling quite a bit lately like you're really talking and when you're done, you look at us and crack up.  It's as if you've just told a hysterical joke and you want to make sure that we got it.

You went on your first vacation last week and got to experience the ocean for the first time.  At the beginning of the week you didn't want to leave our sides, but by the end of the week you were running up and down the beach with not a care in the world.  You and your cousin Jack were like two peas in a pod and it was so cute to see.

While you're still a very happy kid for the most part, you've also begun temper tantrums which aren't quite fun to deal with.  We've tried time out a few times, though I'm not sure you "get it" yet, but mostly we just wait for the storm to pass.  You LOVE being outside and when you aren't able to go outside, one of these little tantrums is sure to erupt.  We're doing our best to TALK to you through them and explain why things are the way they are.

Here's a few fun things that you do lately....

+ Once we get you naked for the bath at night, you like to be carried to the bathroom and then once we put you down, you like to "sneak" past us and run away into the living room so that we have to chase you.  You laugh hysterically every time.  And so do we.

+ Rotisserie chicken. Seriously. You know those kind you can get from the store? We buy one and you eat LITERALLY half of it, while your dad and I are left to split the other half.  Plus mashed potatoes and corn.  We've resorted to having this dinner once a week because you love it so much.

+ "Cannonballs" in the bathtub.  You stand up and then throw yourself down with all your might to create a big splash.

+ "Baby Genius", a nursery rhyme show.  We ask you if you want to watch "your show" and you grin and take off running for the living room.  You also really love Thomas the Train.  Needless to say, your dad and I have nursery rhymes in our heads 24 hours a day.

+ Sticks, and rocks.  What is it with kids and things that could injure them?

+ Your blanket.  You've never really had a "thing", but lately as soon as you get a little bit sleepy you run to grab it and bring it to us.

+ Entertaining and approval.  You love being the center of attention and making us laugh.  And sometimes when we laugh you'll do a fake laugh back to us, which of course makes us laugh harder.

We love our life with you, even the hard times.  You are so much fun to play with these days and I love watching how much you now understand us.  I can't wait until we can understand you even better.

Thank you for being a reason to get up each day.

We love you, Henry.