Holl & Lane: Issue 1


I'm so excited to finally release to you Holl & Lane: Issue 1.  At the bottom of this post you'll find a link to the magazine.  In addition, all issues will be embedded on the Holl & Lane page of my blog so you can easily find them. issuu

The above bar will be shown below the magazine as you're reading.  Here are a few details about how to navigate:

1- These social media icons enable you to share the issue with your friends and family on the various channels.  Might I ask that you do that?

2- You can zoom in and zoom out with this tool.

3- This allows you to view many spreads at one time if you want to "fast forward" to other pages (see the image below for an example).  Also, the search icon to the left of this allows you to type in a specific page number.

4- This will allow you to view the magazine as full screen (which will be much easier on your eyes to read).


Are you ready? CLICK HERE TO READ HOLL & LANE: ISSUE 1. And by the way, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts!  Leave them in the comments or email me!