Home Update: Pantry

I'm so excited, and somewhat embarrassed to show you a little house transformation that B and I took on ourselves. I can see you rolling your eyes thinking that painting a pantry isn't exactly remodeling, but suffice it to say that B and I aren't exactly Mr. and Mrs. DIY. In general, we'd rather just pay to have someone tackle projects for us while we kick back with a beer and some TV.  I've wanted to take on the pantry since we first moved in but I wasn't ever certain what I wanted to do with it.  And then one day I happened to find a beautiful blue paint swatch and (though it was originally intended for a different part of the house) I knew it'd be the perfect thing to brighten up our pantry. So, here's your before photo that is totally embarrassing.  I hated our pantry.  It was so dark and gloomy and impossible to find anything (which granted, was totally our fault for not taking care to put things where they belonged). IMG_7904

Once we got everything out, it was easy to see that we actually had quite a bit of room to work with. IMG_7906

So then I got to work staining the shelves a dark brown. The shelves that were in there were still in good shape but were just really dirty. So a couple coats of stain (in Rust-Oleum's Kona) made them look brand new. IMG_7908

Then we started on the interior of the pantry, staining the wood trim and then adding in the first coat of the blue paint (which here just shows up as white- still an improvement over the dingy, scratched walls that were there before). IMG_7917

It took us two days (and I blame that mostly on the humidity that just wouldn't let the stain DRY), but we got the second coat of blue paint on the walls and put the shelves back in. Because the shelves are layered, we could switch up the length of the shelves for each section. So this time we added three boards to the bottom two shelves, two boards for the next three shelves, and left the very top one open which instantly makes it look brighter in there. Originally the shelves were two boards long all the way up, including the very top shelf that I couldn't even reach. So doing it this way gave us more room, made it so I could reach everything, AND let more light in. IMG_7921

I reused some of the storage organization elements that we already had but also purchased a few new lucite ones so that we could not only see into each drawer, but also made it so that you could see the pretty blue on the walls. I would love to one day add a light in the pantry as well since it's still pretty dark, but for now, this will do. I can't tell you how happy I get every time I open the pantry and see how pretty and organized it is. IMG_7924