Sitting in Silence


I love sitting in complete silence.  I love the feeling of my thoughts rushing over me, loudly, so I can actually hear them.  It's a time where I feel like I can reconnect with myself, my feelings, my emotions so I can check in and be sure that I'm happy with where I am.  It's times like these that I dream my biggest dreams and figure out how to make them a reality.  It's times like these that I take stock of my life and remember how many blessings I've been given.  It's times like these that I make an internal list of things that need to change.

There is something about the sound of natural life happening while constructed life is silent that makes me feel incredibly peaceful.

I don't get to enjoy silence filled moments much these days with a toddler and a husband who both seem to despise silence.  But the moments where I can find myself alone, I revel in them.

Are you someone who loves to sit in silence?  Or do you need sound?

Image: Imani Clovis

Ps.. I'm super excited to announce that I'm featured today on With Grace and Gold in their Be Featured series.  Check out my interview here.