Vacation, Part Two


I promised you more vacation photos because I knew you'd be in withdrawal. Or maybe that's just me missing the sunshine and no responsibility. Anyway, lets do it.IMG_5802

IMG_5811 IMG_5841 IMG_5843His new favorite toy.  A golf cart.  He's a fancy baby. IMG_5896There were some beautiful storm clouds this night while we were out on our date. IMG_5922 IMG_5926IMG_5930IMG_5962 IMG_9990 IMG_6003 He found a puddle to play in and was thrilled. IMG_0161 IMG_0176 Henry and his cousin Lizzy have a very love hate relationship.  In the photo above, he is trying to push her into the ocean.  (He's sweet.)  In the one below, they've made up and are playing together. IMG_0254 IMG_6106 IMG_6151 IMG_6195 Babies on Boogie Boards. IMG_6200 11390280_10207071107882671_2948880860265745006_n My favorite picture from the week.  Henry and his big cousin Jack were two peas in a pod. 11425488_10207071113802819_993211204161540787_n Our "We're Going Home" faces. IMG_6218 Waving goodbye to my sister and her family from the ferry. IMG_6227 IMG_6230 IMG_6244 11401039_10207071123923072_4882139097062917671_n