10 Things I'm Good At

It's Monday and the weekend ended much too soon.  So instead of a real post, let's take a look at a few meaningless things that I'm good at.

1.  Being on Time

I am a very punctual person.  I like being on time, I like when others are on time and I hate making people wait on me.  So I'm the person who usually shows up 15 minutes early to be sure I'm on time.

2.  Baking

Now, let's not be crazy and think that this means that I come up with amazing recipes, because it doesn't.  This means that the recipes I do know, I'm really good at.  Also good at?  Eating the dough.  Because that's the best part of baking.

3.  Reading Fast

I'm a quick reader and love to read.  Which is a good thing since I started this book club and never seem to make the time to read the books that we're in process of until just before our discussion dates.

4.  Typing at an Insane Speed

I've always been a quick typist.  I think I type at something like 90 words a minute.  My boss has mentioned several times that it'd be quicker for me to just re-type something rather than scan and email it to him.  And it's probably true.

5.  Spelling / Grammar

My husband is always asking me how to spell words and I'm always correcting grammar.  I know.  I'm super fun at parties.

6.  Getting Ready in 15 minutes or Less

One big thing I'm not good at?  Getting up when my alarm goes off.  So I've perfected the art of getting ready in 15 minutes or less.  By the way, this also includes getting Henry ready as well.  Fellow moms, you have to admit- that's impressive.  I had a woman at daycare ask me one day if I get up, like, three hours before I have to leave since I'm always so put together.  I may have laughed in her face.

7.  "Customer Laughs"

I worked in retail for a long time.  And during that time customers cracked a lot of bad jokes to me.  But instead of being rude, I laughed along with them - in a very fake way that they didn't KNOW was fake.  I wasn't being condescending (I swear!), I just didn't have the energy to really laugh at a non-funny joke.  So instead, I'd put on my best customer laugh and make them smile.  I still use my laugh now when I need it.

8.  Putting Designs Together in my Head

I'm one of those people that can take an empty space and see what colors would look great, or how furniture should be arranged. Luckily because my husband is NOT this way, he usually just trusts me on my design ideas and lets me run with them.

9.  Taking Pictures of My Son

I've gotten pretty handy with my camera lately, but usually just when I'm taking pictures of Henry.  Maybe it's because he's my favorite subject to shoot?  But I am trying to learn more about my camera and improve my skills.

10.  Responding Quickly

I like getting things done quickly and early.  When I'm given a task I usually jump right in and have it completed much earlier than needed.  I'm the same way when it comes to emails.  If I'm available, I usually respond right away.  That way I don't have things sitting in my inbox or on my to-do list that would just cause me stress.  If I can respond, I will.