Is Having Just One Baby Okay?

I don't crave another baby like I know many women do.  Sure, some days I long for that newborn smell, the newness of it all.  But on those days, I just want Henry to be that age again.  I don't want a new baby.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet my cousin's new baby girl, Beatrix.  And she's beautiful, and adorable and she has the cutest little feet and the skinniest little legs.  And she's so sweet and still and QUIET.  And I smelled the new baby smell and it's as wonderful as I remember it.  But after I got to snuggle her, I was happy to hand her back.  I didn't have the yearning to take her and run, to add to our family.

As I said here, it's just easier now.  And I like that it's just one baby for two parents.  It's easier for us to handle him.  When one of us needs a break, it's easy for the other parent to step in.  And when we're out somewhere, we only have to keep our eyes on one baby.  Two sets of eyes for one baby.

I know one day B and I will discuss a second baby.  And I will agree because I want Henry to have a sibling so he can have that bond.  But will I ever actually feel the needto have one?  Because quite honestly, I'm satisfied with our family size right now.  I like it just being the three of us.  Just last night as we walked down the street, Henry stood in the middle and grabbed hold of both of our hands and I thought "this is amazing, this is our family".  I feel complete.

So parents of more than one baby, tell me- when did you feel ready to have another?  How did you know it was right?  Did you feel the tug?