Style Is a Funny Thing

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Target top // Loft tank // Target leggings // Banana Republic wedges (old) Michael Kors bag // Loft necklace (old)

I find the subject of style to be immensely fascinating.  It is incredibly subjective- and what one person loves in style another person will loathe (case in point: my sister's newest pants with bold chevron stripes in bright colors- she loves them, I don't).  I'm not sure I have a set, defined style, but I do know that as I've gotten older I know what I am immediately drawn to and it tends to be classic styles with an occasional punch of bohemian.  I will be drawn to pants approximately 1000 times more than I'll be drawn to a dress or skirt.  I'm drawn to solids instead of patterns.  I'm drawn to darker, neutral colors more often than bright colors.  I'm almost always wearing a layer of some sort, even if it's just a tank underneath my top.  And since I've become a mom, I'm always drawn to something comfortable over something that I may not be able to play in.  Which is where this outfit comes in.  It's three simple pieces with no pattern or bright colors, and it's insanely comfortable.  I'm curious how you would define your style?  Let me know in the comments!

On another non-style related note, the next issue of Holl & Lane magazine launches THIS Saturday!  I'm so proud of it,  you guys.  Mia, a friend and also one of H&L's social media coordinators, was sweet enough to ask me to share my story behind chasing my dream of Holl & Lane, and it's posted up on her blog today.  I hope that you'll check it out.  And if you aren't subscribed to the magazine, feel free to visit the website and sign up to get Issue 2 delivered right to your inbox bright and early Saturday morning.