Go To Bed Angry


I have marital advice for you, because after nearly three years of marriage I've obviously gotten it all figured out.  Here's my advice: go to bed angry.  I know people tell you specifically NOT to do that, but just hear me out.

I don't know about you but when I'm angry, I do one of two things: I either say things I don't mean, or I completely freeze up and stop talking- a veritable silent treatment.  Neither of these things are conducive to an argument that you want resolved.  I also don't do well when people are yelling at me.  In short, I'm not good at arguing.  I don't apologize quickly and I can hold a grudge for hours.  (I'm a real catch.)

So back to my point- I tend to go to bed angry.  This allows me to get away from the argument, cool down, and in the morning things tend to look a whole lot better.  And the thing that we were fighting about?  Either we realize it was really stupid, apologize and move on, or we're able to rationally discuss it with a clear head.  Things still get resolved in one way or another, but it stops us from saying things that might be hurtful in the heat of the moment.

So next time you're having a fight- just remember what I said and go to bed angry.  See if that works for you.  Things will still get worked out, but you'll be breathing a whole lot easier when they do.

Brandon if you're reading this, no, we didn't have a fight last night that you don't remember.  This is something I was thinking about this morning and of course had to impart my wisdom.