Henry At 1.5 Years Old


Dear Henry,

You've been a year and a half for a couple weeks now and life has never been more fun. So let's take a look at some things that you've taught me:

I've learned how it feels to have a miniature version of myself tell me "no".  Hint: It's not great.

I've learned that toddlers very seriously have their own opinions.  And that to you, everything should be a negotiation.

I've learned how it feels to have strangers stare at me when you throw a tantrum in a store.  Hint: Also not great.

I've learned how to inhale my food to curb any chances of a meltdown in a restaurant.  We also have the equally good chance that I'll just eat all cold food.

I've learned that I probably won't get to go to a nice restaurant anytime soon.  Cloth tablecloths?  Not with your dirty hands.

I've learned to just let the water run in the tub when we first put you in.  Otherwise we're just rinsing you with pee water.

I've learned that you only like brushing your teeth so that you can swallow the toothpaste.  But hey, whatever gets them clean.

I've learned that I'm more traumatized after a doctor's visit than you are.  Dentist's office - NEVER AGAIN.

I've learned that 1:30 am on a Monday morning is often a good time for PLAY TIME for you.  It's not for anyone else though.

I've learned that you really, really love giraffes.  Like, threw a fit when we couldn't take a giant stuffed one home from the Dentist's office kind of love.

I've learned that you're incredibly determined to become best friends with the cat.  Even scratches can't slow you down.

I've learned that your naked booty running through the house laughing hysterically is one of my very favorite sights.

I've learned that you're way smarter than I think we sometimes give you credit for.  You're learning words at record speeds and understanding more than I ever knew you could.

I've learned that you're firmly in the mimicking stage and though it's terrifying, it's also awesome.  Gotta watch Dad's potty mouth though!

I've learned that you are a total lover.  You snuggle up willingly and on your own accord and often.

I've learned that you're hilarious.  With your roars and your eye rolls and your fake laughs.

I've learned that you're probably a lefty.  It's okay, we'll figure it out.

I've learned that there's nothing quite like the feel of your weight on mine as you fall into a deep sleep for the night.

I've learned that no matter how angry I am at you, one smile from you and my resolve to be angry melts immediately.  I'm in trouble.

I've learned that you're beautiful.  Though I always knew it, we get so many unsolicited comments from strangers telling us so.

I've learned that you're pleasant and can be rational.  On occasion.  Sometimes.

I've learned that you trust me.  With one grab of my hand, I can feel the trust coursing through your veins.

I've learned that you love me.  The full speed run at me when I get to daycare tells me so.

You, my dear sweet boy, are my reason to get out of bed in the morning (sometimes literally).  Thank you for being who you are, and for allowing me to be who I am.


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