WANTED: Village


I've heard so many times growing up that it takes a village to raise a family.  Being someone who hates sayings, naturally I wasn't a fan of hearing it.  But it turns out, those sayings are sayings for a reason- they're almost always true.  It takes a village to raise a family because you need that support system.

You need someone who can come over and stop you from crying in the bathroom because your kids won't stop talking to you.  You need someone who can babysit for you at the last minute because you have a work emergency.  You need someone to have playdates with so that you can sit and gossip while other kids keep your kid busy.  You need someone to commiserate with when the days just get hard.

This is where your village comes in.

I don't have that out here in PA.  I have a digital support system- those women I can call (or more likely, text) when I need support.  But I want everything else where I live.  I've been told that I'll find my village when Henry starts school because then all of us parents will be forced to interact.  But what about in the meantime when the days are hard?

So my question to you is, how did you find your village?  Should I just place a wanted ad?  "MWC Looking for other MWC to hang out with so I don't feel so lonely."