Running a Magazine


I know when I started Holl & Lane, I promised not to talk about it too much on here, but today, we're going to.  Guys, running a magazine is hard.  And not in the way of ACTUALLY running it, but all of the decisions you have to make that you never really want to.  All I've wanted is to tell other people's stories, and design pretty pages and have you guys read it.  That's it.  But at some point, other factors come into play- like promotion, and pricing, and statistics.  SO. MANY. STATISTICS.  It's like I'm sitting here lately with numbers running through my head constantly- how many reads we had yesterday, how much our social media following has increased (or decreased), what kind of numbers our advertisers are getting.  And as someone who has long been a hater of math, it's tough.

My thoughts constantly revolve around the magazine.  Are we good enough- are the stats showing what I want them to?  How can I go from this costing me to actually making a profit?  How can we get this in the hands of more people?

But then there's the team- my #HollAndLaneTribe.  These ladies?  They're GOOD.  Like, really good.  Like to the point where if all of this fails, I'll feel so bad for taking up so much of their time with all of this nonsense.  They make things easier.  They make this whole thing more fun.  They're such amazing cheerleaders.  They make me think that everything is possible, that everything we're doing is worth it.

But then on those days when I think "what have I gotten myself into?", I look back through the issues we've published and I think "wow, someone trusted me enough to tell me THEIR story- and to let me publish it".  That's pretty damn amazing.  And this other person sent in a recipe to share with other people, and took the time to take photos of it (food photography is no joke, you guys).  And this other person took the time to interview with me on what being a small business owner is like.  And this company trusted me enough with THEIR business that they let me feature their ad in the pages.  And it's in those moments where I'm so thrilled with where we're at.  Because all I've ever wanted to do is tell other people's stories, and I'm getting to do that.  And I'm getting to do it my way.  And that's a really, really good feeling.


We're always looking for contributors for upcoming issues.  And now you can even check to see what we need to see if you'd be the perfect fit.  Just check out our Contribute page.