The Things I Like About My House


This post is for B who often tells me that I talk too much about what I don't like about our house, and not enough about what I do.  I don't want to be that person because I actually really like our house.  And it's grown on me over the past 9 months.  Anywhere we move in the future, I'll likely wish we could pick it up and move it with us, especially after the work we put into it.  So here's a list of the top five things that I love about my house.

1.  Our front yard.  I've been dreaming of my own yard for such a long time, and though I don't get to use our backyard the way I wish we could (so many bugs because we're surrounded by woods!), our front yard is perfect.  There's plenty of room for toys and games of soccer and room to run.  And just yesterday morning there was a deer in our front yard!  And they only choose the best yards, right?

2.  Our floors.  They're the original hardwood and they're beautiful.  And they're throughout the whole house.  SO easy to clean up messes.

3.  The size of the rooms is pretty fantastic.  We have a large living room, a separate dining room, and the bedrooms are all nicely sized.

4.  The size of our basement is INSANE.  On one half of it is a separate laundry area and then massive built in storage.  On the other half is enough space for me to have an office area, a TV area, and plenty of play room space.

5.  Our kitchen is great!  I love the finishes that are used in there, the amount of cupboard space, and that more than one person can stand in there while cooking.

Curious to see our house?  Take a look back through the home archives - it includes a tour from before we moved in.