A Long Lazy Weekend

Oh, hi.  I heard that you wanted to see 1,000 pictures of my Labor Day weekend so I'm here to oblige.  But before we begin, here's what you need to know:  Went to Cincinnati to see some friends of ours (Tom and Jonathan)- also known as the two that spoil the crap out of Henry (and us).  Went to Aquarium along with 80 or so Amish (this isn't an exaggeration).  Had lots of really good food.  Drank lots of beer.  Swam (or rather floated) around the pool.  Came home with an approximately 5 foot tall giraffe. Allow me to explain...

The backstory:  I went to grad school with Tom.  We ended up in many of the same classes and eventually were put on a team together.  At one point we realized that we were the only smart people on the team, didn't trust anyone but each other, and were both incredibly judge-y, so we got along great and have been friends ever since.  We usually see Tom and Jonathan a couple times a year- once at their house and once at ours.

Onto the weekend: We arrived in Cincinnati late Friday night to Tom and Jonathan's beautiful new home.  While on our nickel tour, we got to the guest suite, stepped in the door and heard Henry audibly gasp.  Standing there waiting for him was a giant stuffed giraffe.  Henry LOVES giraffes.  So this was possibly the greatest day of his life.  Observe.

(And sorry for some grainy iPhone photos.  Life doesn't wait for my DSLR.)

So anyway, we had a beer, some delicious pizza and then retired to bed to get started on our big plans of relaxing for the next few days.  The next day we got up and headed to the Cincinnati Aquarium for Henry.  He loved the aquarium that we had taken him to before so B and I were overly excited for this.  Turns out EVERYONE else in Cincinnati wanted to go to the Aquarium that day as well (I blame the 90 degree heat), as well as a group of 80 or so Amish on a tour.  Needless to say, it was packed in the Aquarium and not quite as enjoyable as we were hoping.  Henry seemed a bit anxious and wasn't interested in checking out the fish this time around.  Also, because there were so many people, I was hardly able to get any photos.  Can you even imagine?!

Later that night we went to a restaurant called Tela which was crazy delicious.  Henry and his PB&J face enthusiastically agree.

On Sunday our plan for the day was "nothing".  Nothing mainly involved sitting by the pool with beer and snacks.  Floating around the pool, teaching Henry how to swim.  And repeat.  A couple weeks ago we tried to get him to swim around a pool and he was having NONE of it.  This time he was having so much fun in the pool and would "swim" back and forth between B and I and would jump to us from the side of the pool.  Huge improvement.

Other things of note from the weekend.  Henry loves trains (in addition to giraffes), so when he saw this wooden train of Tom's he was overjoyed and immediately claimed it as his for the weekend.

After Tom's dad (who made the train) found out about Henry's excitement for it and cars, he showed up the next day with a truck/car PUZZLE that he had made just for him the previous day (in 45 minutes!!).  Henry ADORED it, as evidenced by the Cheetos fingerprint stains adorning it within minutes. Yes, Henry is spoiled. Are you surprised?

Tom and Jonathan have two Great Danes named Felix and Molly who are the sweetest, most giant dogs you ever did see.  Henry adores dogs so naturally he was THRILLED to see these dogs even if they were quite a bit bigger than him.

This here is Tom watching Cars with Henry (that movie may have been on repeat for the weekend as it's a current obsession for one tiny toddler).

And this here is Jonathan hanging out with Henry on our day of relaxation.  Don't mind Henry's Resting Bitch Face.  He gets it from me and he can't help it.

All in all there were a lot of laughs, a lot of good food, zero makeup and hair brushing, and even some really good naps with my tiny man.

  And in case you're wondering how that giant giraffe made it back to Pennsylvania..........

What a weekend this was.  Being around people who I care about and who care about my family replenish my soul.  And thankfully Henry was a total trooper all weekend.  Handled our 5 hour car ride wonderfully each way.  Stayed up WAY past his bed time each night and didn't complain, and generally entertained us all.  I am so grateful for this life I lead.

How was your weekend?