September 1st

I woke up a little happier today, with a little more pep in my step.  I could feel it all around me.  It's September.  It's still blazing hot out and I haven't even dusted off my boots yet, but it's here.  Fall is coming.  

There is something about fall that gets me every year.  It's like I've been reborn and it's time to start the new life.  Everything feels fresh and new and I'm ready to take it all on.  I'm ready to dream big dreams and to make them a reality.  It's within fall that I feel as if my life gets back on track after a chaotic summer.  I crave the routine just as much as I crave change and new adventures.  But each fall what I need is that routine.  I have so many big goals for my life and it feels like this, today, is the start of what's to come.  I can't explain the feeling I have inside but it feels like big things are around the corner for me and I cannot wait.

Happy September!

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