Life Lately

Hi everyone, remember me?  It hasn't been that long, has it?  Especially since I popped in randomly on the first to let you know about Issue 3 of Holl & Lane (shameless plug?  Perhaps!).  Anyway, I'm randomly popping in again to tell you that I miss you, I miss this space, I miss writing for me.  I've been so busy lately that sometimes it's nice to stop and just check where I'm at and also to document the moments that have made me smile recently.

Life is good, guys.  Like, really good.  Henry is learning things at a crazy pace- to the point that I can't keep up.  Every day he has a couple new words and he's starting to string them together and it's just amazing to watch.  And the boy is just always so happy.  I know I've been saying this since he was a baby, but it's true.  And of course, he still turns heads wherever we go.  He's a couple days shy of being 20 months old (1 year, 8 months) and I cannot believe he's so close to two.  We still rock him to sleep every night and it's still the favorite part of our days.  But don't worry- he can still fall asleep on his own if we put him in bed without rocking (that one was for my sister).

My little adventurer loves being outdoors and loves to race B and I back and forth on the drive (and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth).  He's still free with the hugs and kisses (even tried to kiss a stranger at the grocery store over the weekend) and loves to make us laugh.  I cannot begin to express the joy that goes on in our house with this little man.

I've been chasing that work / life balance thing for so long and I think I've finally gotten it figured out.  "Office Hours" are the key.  I work, a lot.  I work on my lunch breaks at work, I work when I get home from work, I work when my boys go to bed.  I basically never stop.  Until I realized it was affecting my marriage and my life as a mom.  So now I've instituted office hours and they've been in place for a couple weeks.  Shockingly (or not), I feel less stressed, I sleep better, and we're a happier household.  With the exception of a couple "work nights" per week, I shut my computer down and turn my phone off at 8:30 each night.  And then B and I watch a show together or I read.  It's amazing the change I feel in myself.  Also, I stopped eating late snacks and I'm also sleeping better and feeling more energized.  There might be something to that, my friends (says every doctor, ever).

I'm so, so proud of how Holl & Lane is developing.  Issue 3 launched at the beginning of the month and I could not believe the response.  We also just launched the blog counterpart and I'm really excited to do more.  After bringing a PR expert onto our team, I was able to really focus on what I see for the future of H&L and I'm so excited with these ideas rattling around in my head.  Let's hope the positive responses continue.  As a side note, I was asked to be a guest speaker for a fashion writing class at the Pittsburgh Art Institute and will be speaking on October 29th.  Can you see my hives forming?  I'm terrified.

(Ps... You can now donate to help us keep H&L going!  The out of pocket costs for the magazine are probably quite higher than you imagine- not to mention the time and energy away from my family that goes into making the magazine.  So over on the H&L blog you'll find a donate button.  I'd be incredibly grateful for any support.)

Last night B and I sat and watched a bunch of Henry videos from the past year and a half and it's astounding to watch the transformation in your child.  I can honestly without a shred of doubt say that THIS, this time right now, is my favorite age.  Newborns are cute and cuddly but this age right here, where he gives love because he wants to and talks to us and laughs with us and plays with us?  Oh man, there is nothing better.

And health wise my little guy is still a fighter.  He has yet another cold (thanks Sean and Anna!) and has something funky happening in his ear, but you would never know it based on his attitude.  This morning his primary caretaker at daycare said "it's too bad there aren't two of him - it's too bad he's not a twin" because he's so sweet and adorable (her words, not mine, though obviously I agree).  I'm good with just the one, but if only they could all be this way.

I'm still not sold on the idea of a second child.  I truly, 1000% love my life just the three of us.  Though I do want Henry to have a sibling.  He loves being around other children and I think he would be the kindest, sweetest big brother.  But every time I think "maybe I'm ready", the very next thought is "but I love my life".  So will I ever get to the point of wanting a second?  I don't know, but if not, the three of us will be just fine on our own.

And on another random "what I've been doing" note- photography.  I'm trying and I'm learning.  I've been trying to teach myself to shoot in manual and it's been fun and frustrating and exciting.  I absolutely love to have these pictures to look back on and marvel at how life has changed.  And to have these memories to show Henry someday is just incredible.  I cannot wait to show him how amazing life was with him, how beautiful our everyday, mundane details were, how happy he makes B and I.  What a beautiful, fulfilled life we have.