The Start of Something New


"Henry is in just a diaper, running around practicing the word "turkey" over and over while pumping his arms in the air.  When we ask what a turkey says he starts repeating "go, go, go" and then continues to stomp around, imitating Brandon.  He is getting taller and losing his baby belly."

With these few sentences I've started something new.  I've mentioned The Happiness Project and now the book has inspired me in another way, to document the small, every day happiness that I feel so I can look back one day and remember just when it was that Henry said turkey for the first time and how he looked as he tried to say "gobble, gobble, gobble".

I take photos nearly every day.  Some of them get shared on Instagram, and some don't.  But I do this because I want to remember this time in my life.  The years fly so fast, especially once a child enters your world and I want to encapsulate this as best I can.  The photos feel mundane, but looking back through it's as if I'm transported back to that moment and I get to relive it again.  And now with writing just a sentence or two once a day or once every other day, I can capture life the way I see it and include the details I don't want to forget.  A one-sentence journal doesn't feel quite so daunting as regular journaling.  And the other positive is that it'll get me back to writing.  Since starting Holl & Lane, I've been telling other people's stories and I'm so humbled by that.  But I want to continue to tell my own as well, even if I'm the only one who ever reads them.

Image by Carli Jean