Curing an Addiction


I'll admit it, I'm a little addicted to my phone.  I'm constantly on it, checking things that truly aren't important.  So for the last month I've been attempting to cure the addiction and be more present in life.  We no longer have phones at the dinner table and aside from that once dinner is over, I put my phone in the other room and just enjoy time with my two boys.  During the week we only have about an hour with Henry between dinner and the time he goes to bed and I was sick of finding that I spent a lot of that time on the couch with my phone.  Frankly, to think back on it, it upsets me.

In the last month I've kept my phone away from me and I've just played.  I've ran around the house and I've played dinosaurs and I've crashed Hot Wheels cars and I've been a human jungle gym.  And I feel happier.  It's the perfect thing to unwind from a long day.  It leaves all of the frustrations and the questions and the responsibilities in the other room for one hour and I just get to be.  I knew it would make Henry happier (and you should see his grin when we all play together), but I honestly didn't realize how much happier it would make me.

And when I really think about it, what am I missing?  A post or two on Facebook?  Nothing is as important as these moments with my son.  When I look back on our lives do I want to picture me sitting on the couch reading about stuff that I can't even remember five minutes later, or do I want to remember the sound of Henry's voice as he said "Hello dinosaur, what are you doing now?", the way his laugh echoed through the house as I tickled him over and over, the sheer comfort on his face as he crawled up onto my chest and said "Hi Mommy" repeatedly.  Those are the things I want my life to be made up of.  Not social media, not email, not things that can wait for another hour.

So I'm curing my addiction, an hour at a time and with it, I'm getting a piece of my life back.