The Grinchiest of Christmases


The holidays get infinitely more fun when you have a little one gasping at all of the lights and exclaiming "Santa!" whenever a man in a red shirt walks by.  But the one thing that I've looked forward to each year for as long as I can remember is watching The Grinch with my family.  It doesn't matter if it's actually Christmas or just the day that we're celebrating, but it's the happiest part of Christmas for me.

My mom, brother and I have been watching The Grinch (the cartoon, not the silly Jim Carrey version) for Christmas since we were young.  It's become a tradition that before we open gifts or have Christmas dinner, we'll pop the movie in and recite all the lines together.  Somewhere along the line my brother and I talked my mom into having cheesesticks with the movie and have insisted since that it's always been that way.

So we sit down together with our cheesesticks and the Grinch begins to play, and each year we recite the same lines together, and we sing the silly Whoville songs and we yell at The Grinch to "TAKE OFF [Max's] ANTLERS" at the end of the movie and we laugh at how ridiculous it all is.  But it's the most special time of the holiday for me and though Henry was with us last year, I'm especially excited to introduce him to it this year.

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