Parent Teacher Conferences


We had our first parent-teacher conference for Henry last night.  Daycare offers the chance to meet with his teachers to talk about his development and if he's meeting all of the milestones he's expected to at this age.  They give you a chance to ask questions and see what he's like outside of your home.  I have to be honest, I thought it was all a bit silly before we went, but figured I might as well get used to these kinds of things.  But after we left I was really glad that we had gone.  I enjoyed getting to talk to his teachers one on one and ask questions about how we can help him going forward, what types of things that we could teach him at home, and to hear what they do with him all day.

And probably the best part is getting to talk about how great your kid is!  It's so obvious how much his teachers care for him (and I'm sure all of the other kids) and that makes my Mama Heart feel good when I send him there each morning.

Henry was called very smart and sweet.  He plays well with other kids and he loves to read and do art projects.  In short, he's exactly where he needs to be and will soon be moving into the two-year old room once a spot opens up for him.  They gave us some great ideas on how to get him ready for the next room (sippy cups without lids, learning shapes and colors, and potty training) but assured us that he's well on his way to knowing all of these things anyway.

His teacher, Nancy, (who isn't a bullshitter) told me she wishes she had ten more of him.  And then I beamed with pride and thought about how lucky I am to have this little man, and how glad I am that other people think he's as wonderful as we do.