Rockabye... Toddler?


Each time Henry goes to sleep, we hold him and rock him.  Both for naps and for bedtime.  Anytime he is with B and I, it's what we do.  We read books, give kisses, and then snuggle up.  He'll be two in a few short weeks.  Is this strange?

Perhaps I should preface that question by saying that it doesn't matter to me if it's strange.  This nighttime (or naptime) ritual is something that I look forward to my entire day.  It not only allows me to cuddle up with my favorite tiny human, but it allows me the chance to slow down and just be for ten minutes.  For ten minutes (or more if he's more into playing than sleeping), I am able to just sit there and breathe without being distracted by my other responsibilities.

Henry is able to go to sleep on his own just fine.  He does it for naps at daycare each day, and he does it for his Grandma's when they visit.  And even on occasion when he won't settle down for B or I, or seems overly restless, we simply put him in his crib and he falls asleep on his own.  But he seems to enjoy this time with us as much as we do.  He'll stretch his little body out as far as it'll go but then he'll bring his arm up to put it around my neck as he falls asleep.  Or he'll find my hand and squeeze as he drifts off.

There are very few things in life that allow me to just be without my mind constantly churning and worrying over the things I still have left to do before I go to bed myself.  But this.  This is something that makes each day just a little better.  It makes the thought of taking him to daycare instead of keeping him with me just a little easier.  I know I have this to look forward to at night.  So I'll keep doing it as long as he lets me.  Or until he's too big for my lap, which is rapidly approaching.

When did he get so big?