Being an Entrepreneur + Flash Sale


I recently read that 90% of startup businesses fail.  90 PERCENT.  That is staggeringly high.  That is 9 out of 10 times that a person starts a business, gets over the moon excited, throws themselves into planning their business, and then has to accept that their plan won't work.  And to me, as an entrepreneur, that is terrifying.

I've had my fair share of ideas and plans and attempts at things, but nothing like the passion that I have that is going into Holl & Lane.  The magazine is what keeps me up at night, it's what I think about nearly all hours of the day, it's what I desperately want to work.  And yet, how can I stop myself from being part of the 9 and just being the one that does work?  I can only assume that every single person that started their business did so because they had the same level of passion that I feel for H&L.  So what makes me think that I can do it when they couldn't?

The whole mindset of being an entrepreneur is exhausting and exhilarating all rolled into one.  There are tears and frustrations and sadness over things you never expected.  There are days (so many days) where you think "How can I honestly keep this going?  What else can I sacrifice so this can continue?"  And at what point do you just say "I have nothing left?"

The fear of failure on this project is present in every single choice I make regarding the magazine.  It's the fear of letting myself down. It's the fear of letting the six women who have joined me on this journey down.  It's the embarrassment of having put myself out there in front of everyone I know to say that THIS WILL WORK, and then it doesn't.

But what other choice do I have? I had this dream that turned into an idea that turned into this thing that has gotten me more excited about a project than I've ever been.  I believe in this magazine, I believe in what I'm doing, I believe that it has the power to do good things.  Is belief enough when you're an entrepreneur?


FLASH SALE. As a side note, Issue 6 of my magazine launches in one month, so for today only you can get Issue 5 for just 99 cents.  Shop here.