Henry : Two Years Old

Dear Henry,

I'm having a hard time with this title.  TWO YEARS OLD?  I can believe it, and I can't.  It seems like you were just 18 months and now you're two.  I have so much to say to you and yet I don't know where to start.  I guess we should start by saying THANK YOU for choosing me to be your Mommy.  You have completely flipped my life upside down and I can't remember life before you were in it- nor do I want to.  You have made our lives complete.  You have given us the highest of highs and being with you is my favorite part of every single day.  You are such a joy not only to raise, but to watch.  Your passion and joy for everything reminds me to enjoy the little things.

I am so thankful for your little soul.  You are funny, you are incredibly smart, and you're PLEASANT.  You just make the days more fun.  You are sweet and lovable and snuggly.  You are rarely in a bad mood, even when you're sick- which is often.  You tolerate more than you probably need to and you allow Daddy and I to still have some semblance of a normal life.

You get stares and smiles and "oh my goodness he's so cute"s wherever you go.  We can't go anywhere in public without getting stopped at least once by someone wanting to comment on how handsome you are.  It's those eyes, and that smile.  You are the perfect combination of Daddy and I (though, I'll admit, you're looking more and more like him these days).  You know what else it is?  Your happiness- it radiates through you and people can feel it when they're with you.

Some of our favorite things at this age:

  • You say "fort" instead of four
  • When we leave the house in the morning you say "Bye house, see you waiter [later]"
  • When we turn onto our road after work/daycare you say "we're here"
  • You say bye to whatever TV show was just on anytime we turn it off "Bye Super Why, Bye Cars, Bye Home"
  • You wipe off kisses, laugh hysterically, lean in for another kiss and repeat
  • You sing the ABC song with us, knowing where quite a few letters belong
  • You run up to me at full speed, wrap your arms around my leg, say "Hi" and then you're off running again
  • When we're both sitting on the couch together, me reading, you playing with your iPad, you always climb up into my lap, snuggle in and say "Hi"
  • You bring a massive pile of books to me, ask me to read them, and say "sit in me wap [lap]"
  • You yell "Run!" to Daddy and then proceed to chase each other around the house until Daddy can't run anymore
  • Every single time we get you undressed for a bath, you love to be chased around the house naked
  • I say "can I have a kiss now?" and you throw yourself backwards, scream NO! and laugh hysterically while I tickle you
  • You love to have your legs tickled and ask to have it done each time you're on the changing table
  • Your favorite things to eat are bars (breakfast bars), pouches and grapes
  • The most common thing I hear about you from the daycare ladies is how very sweet and affectionate you are
  • You say "Eaaaaggggglllllleeeee" just like they did on Scrubs, thanks to Daddy
  • You call the ABC's the ACB's
  • You know what every single magnet is in your bin and I'm constantly impressed- and more so that Daddy taught you that the Queen magnet is Mommy
  • The way you say "Henry Joseph Hartwee [Hartley]" when we ask your name
  • You're finally nice to the cat (mostly) and I love the way you say "come here Carton [Carlton]"
  • You told me you loved me (unprompted) for the very first time after your birthday party
  • When we ask for a kiss or hug, and you say no, you'll say "cry?", like you really enjoy us crying
  • Your hiding skills (a pillow over yourself) are on point
  • You've started quoting movies- definitely a trait of your Daddy's
  • You've begun showing empathy- especially when someone on TV is sad or crying

We love you Henry, so much more than we'll ever be able to tell you.  I hope that we're making you proud and that you're enjoying life with us as much as we're enjoying life with you.  You make us who we were always meant to be.

Mommy and Daddy

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