Henry's 2nd Birthday Party

Over the weekend we held Henry's 2nd birthday party in Toledo at Maumee Bay State Park.  We rented a cabin for the weekend and hosted 40 of our closest friends and family.  Just like last year, I couldn't believe just how much our tiny family of three is loved.  When people give up a portion of their weekend just to celebrate a tiny person who will not even remember the party, you feel pretty darn loved.  This will probably be our last "big" party for a few years, but I'm so glad that we had it.  It isn't often that we get to have our family (and the friends who feel like family) all in one place.

After the party, B made the comment that it seems Henry has the same personality as me- overwhelmed by large groups, especially when the focus is on him.  He mostly stuck to hanging out with B's mom until the end when he finally decided that his cousins are pretty cool and wanted to run around with them.  But when 40+ people were singing happy birthday to him, the sheer confusion and panic on his face was fairly priceless.

He got far too many gifts, ate way too many cupcakes and cookies, and we all had a damn good time.  My favorite part?  When it was just the three of us in the cabin at the end of the night and I was sorting his toys on the floor while he sat in a chair nearby.  He looked to me and started saying "I love you, Mommy" over and over.  He's never said it unprompted before and my eyes immediately teared up.  What a beautiful little soul he is.

Feel free to enjoy the few pictures that I did get (mostly thanks to Sean and Anna!) and definitely head over to my Instagram to see a video of Henry's favorite part (the indoor swimming pool!)  Ps- His actual birthday is tomorrow!

This kid loves books, so any time he opened a book he had to "read" it before he'd move onto the next present.