'Roid Rage

My son punched my husband in the face a couple of nights ago.  I'll pause while you laugh.  Better?  Okay, because it is funny now, but it wasn't so funny then.

Henry got sick (again) over the weekend and it got progressively worse.  Fever, nasty, nasty cough, not eating.  B stayed home with him on Monday and took him to the doctor.  He had a virus and a touch of bronchitis.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid.  We didn't think much of it until on Tuesday when I was home with him and he had turned into a CRAZY PERSON.

I chalked it up to the terrible two's at first.  For the entire day he was either crying his little eyes out, or he was yelling at me.  Full on yelling, and not in the funny way when toddlers are trying to assert their independence.  By that night things had gotten even worse.  He fell right to sleep out of pure exhaustion around 7 pm.  We put him in bed and a half hour later he was awake screaming at the top of his lungs over and over again for me.  B went and got him and tried to rock him back to sleep but he was so restless.  He occasionally has restless legs (I think he gets it from me) but this was more.  He was trying to get away from B, his face was scrunched up like something hurt, and he continued to cry for me the entire time.  So I took him from B and tried.  It still wouldn't work.  I took him into bed with me so that I could hug him real close and that got him to finally calm down enough to stop crying and fall back asleep.  I tiptoed back to his room and put him in bed and as soon as I did he was awake and crying and angry again.  So I just sat on the floor by his crib and held his hand as he screamed, hoping he'd eventually wear himself out.  He didn't.

B came back and took him to lay down in bed with him again, and that's when it happened.  I heard Henry continue to scream MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, and the next thing I know, they are both walking out of the bedroom and B said "He punched me!"

So I took him once again and laid him on the couch with me and rocked him and rubbed his back and shushed in his ear and did all of those mom tricks that I knew and after about 20 minutes it finally worked.  So we just left him there, sprawled on the couch until I was ready to go to bed and I took him with me.

The next morning he had to go back to daycare because neither of us could take another day off work.  So he went and I warned them.  And then when I got to work I called the doctor because the only thing we could figure is that this had something to do with the steroids.  The doctor told us to stop the steroids, that it was obviously something not good for him and see how he did from there.  When I picked him up from daycare that day, it was the first time they had marked that he had a "so-so" day rather than a great day, and that he had been crying most of the day which they said he doesn't normally do.

By the next night (yesterday) he was back to his happy self.  Daycare reported that he was back to normal.  He still had some restless sleeping but it was the first time in a week that he stayed in his crib all night.

Roid rage - it's real, my friends.