Our Traits Manifested in Henry

One of the very coolest things about becoming a parent is seeing your tiny baby develop into an actual person.  At some point they stop being a baby and they become this person who can function on their own- with their own ideas and opinions and thoughts and traits.  One of the other coolest things (and also, not so cool things) is seeing YOUR traits manifest themselves into them.  Your personality, your quirks- they're all right there to either thank the heavens for, or curse them every single day that it got passed on to your child.  I recently thought a lot about Henry's specific traits and where he gets them from.

Cautious  //  Me

In general I find that I'm a fairly cautious person.  I've never been one for grand adventures or things that might end badly.  I take my time with things and I like to plan.  Henry is also very cautious by nature- he doesn't often push boundaries, and you won't find him dancing on our kitchen table- in fact, he's never even tried to climb on the chairs!  He likes to play it safe and keep both feet on the ground.

Shy  //  Me

According to my mom, I was an incredibly shy child and that has continued today.  I've figured out these days how to be both introverted and extroverted when necessary, but on any given day, I'd rather stand in a corner than be the center of attention.  Henry is the same- though of course he can be loud and boisterous once he gets going, he is often shy unless he's with B or I.  Even with people he knows (specifically his Grandma's), he is shy for a bit until he starts to feel comfortable.  At daycare I've been told that they sometimes forget Henry is there because he can be so quiet and is off playing by himself.

People Watcher  //  Both

Henry is through and through a people watcher.  He loves observing, if not talking, and he loves to watch scenes unfold.  Both B and I are the same way, though possibly moreso me.  If I'm at a party, I'd prefer to watch rather than talk- where B would rather talk (perhaps he's just friendlier than I am).  I've often found Henry just sitting and watching someone rather than playing- he seems mesmerized by their actions.

Frustrated Easily  //  Brandon

By nature, I'm very calm and don't get frustrated too easily.  B is the opposite in that he's quick to react and is quick to become impatient.  I see that same trait in Henry (though possibly it's in all kids?).  For the most part he is a very calm child but when things don't go exactly the way he expects them to, or we don't move quite as quickly as he would like, his little fists ball up and his frustration roar comes out.

Loud  //  Brandon

This might be in direct contrast to him being shy but when he is comfortable, he can be SO loud.  That one is all B.  B has a big voice and a big laugh - two of my very favorite things about him.  And to hear the two of them get going together?  Let's just say that I often have laughter tears running down my face watching them.

Silly  //  Both

I like to think that both B and I are funny and I think that has shown up in Henry.  Maybe we're just biased and think he's hilarious but you can often find us laughing hysterically at the things he says and does.  We lovingly call him our little weirdo.

Independent  //  Me

I'm independent to a fault.  I don't like relying on others, I don't like asking for help, nor do I like accepting it.  Admitting I need something/someone is basically equivalent to torture for me.  I also much prefer to work on my own rather than in a team setting and I prefer activities built for one (like reading).  Henry, for the most part, is the same way.  9 times out of 10, when I pick him up from daycare, he's playing by himself (though they assure me that he plays great with others and he often tells us about his friends).  He plays very well at home by himself and if we get him set up with a book and some toys, he'll happily play while I get ready for work, or while we get dinner ready.  Luckily for him though, he is quick to ask for help when needed- hopefully that won't change.

Smart  //  Both

B is one of the smartest people I know (I usually just ask him questions instead of looking them up), and I have a Master's degree (which means I have to have some sort of intelligence).  So I think we can safely say that we're smart people.  For being two, I've been told that Henry is incredibly smart for his age.  When my friend Amy recently visited she told me that he is smarter than some of the four year olds that she teaches.  I love to watch his little mind work and figure things out.  I'm crediting his smarts to good genes and good daycare teachers.


In general, though he has traits from both of us, so far in his journey through life, his personality seems to mostly resemble mine while every day he's looking more and more like his Dad.  Both things of which I'm okay with.