We Hugged Today


My husband and I hugged this morning.  And yesterday morning, and the morning before that.  Over the weekend, we even held hands a bit and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and rubbed my back.

This probably isn't anything groundbreaking to people who are married, but it was for us.  We can sometimes find ourselves stuck in that parent rut where we go and go and go and forget that there is also an US.  We're parents and we're employees and we're homeowners and so sometimes being married gets pushed to the very, very back.

But recently we changed that and we started hugging.  And occasionally even a kiss here or there.  We're trying to remember who we are, who those people were that got us into this whole parenting "mess".  Because those two people were a lot of fun- they were hilarious, they played off each other, they laughed with tears in their eyes, they had smart conversations (and stupid conversations) and they did life together.

These two people in their place now, they're still doing life, but they're doing it in a routine, robotic, systematic way.  So we're working to change that.  And it starts with a hug, and sometimes a kiss.