He looked at me with those big blue eyes.  Those saucers that look just like mine.  That have the deep ledge beneath them and the wonderment behind them.  He smiled and threw his head back in a laugh that rocked his entire body.  He drew sharply in and exploded in laughter again as I moved my fingers to his knee, tickling him in the same place that always sends me into fits of giggles, myself.


His tiny body is sitting as close to me as he can get without sitting on my lap.  His eyes are glued to the television but his arm rests casually on my leg.  He looks at me when his favorite part comes on his current favorite movie and he grins.  Did you see that too, Mommy?  I can tell it's what he's thinking.  He snuggles in closer and links his arm through mine.  The weight of his head is now resting on my upper arm, and I dare not breathe for fear that he'll move and this overwhelming feeling of comfort and love will leave me.  And just when I can feel his muscles start to move, that he's pulling away, he turns to me once more and says "I wuv you Mommy".  The rush is so strong that my mind screams for him to tell me again, over and over and over again as if I've never heard those words before.  But I settle for his hand back on my leg, because I know it means the same thing in his world.


It's nighttime and we're sitting in his room playing at his oversized train table while my husband cleans up from dinner.  Crash!  Chugga Chugga Choo Chooooo.  He repeats it over and over, mimicking the words that have just escaped my mouth.  He tells me he wants the green train and I hand it to him.  "Thank you, Mommy."  He says it so casually, as if he came out into the world speaking in niceties.  My heart swells with pride.


The little things are the ones that make up my days.  The peaks and valleys of being a mother are nothing compared to the love that I feel for this tiny child.  And it's in these tiny moments that I know that he can feel the love I have for him radiate throughout his body.


  This post was written based on a word prompt from The Figment.