There are days when I look at the two of you, laughing, joking, enjoying one another that I stop and think "How is this my life?  How did I get so lucky?"  The two of you are melting into one another with ease these days.  His smile is just like yours and as I sat and watched the two of you wrestle together on the floor, I could see those twinning grins you both had and it took everything in me not to get up and smother both of your faces in kisses.  These days, it's enough for me to just get to sit and watch you together.


You have become the father that I always knew you would be.  When I had my doubts before Henry entered my life, I always centered myself on the fact that YOU would be there with me.  With your calm voice and playfulness.  That made it all easier and that made me think it was right.

He asks for you often when you're not there.  "Where Daddy go?"  "We see Daddy at gym?"  "I want my Daaaaaddy" (when things haven't gone quite his way).  And I know what he means, I want you to be there too, with us, so we can experience every moment together, just the three of us.  It's the way I think life is supposed to be.


As we walk across the parking lot and he grabs your hand and then grabs my hand and says "I fly", I can feel his safety radiating through his body.  He's safe with us and that's all I've ever wanted since he came into our lives.  And when he sits on your shoulders as we walk and I look back to see that ease on both of your faces I can feel my heart pounding louder, because this is exactly what I wanted since the baby discussion began - you two.  You're who I wanted.


There may be times that I don't say it as often as I should, but you are so appreciated.  You provide for us in every sense of the word - keeping a roof over our head, giving us the space to enjoy life and adventures, letting me work 4 days so that I can be home with him one day.  I never hesitated in knowing that marrying you was the right move for me.  And as it turns out, I felt the same about having a child with you.  YOU.  The man that quickly takes over when I'm having a bad day, who can build a train track with the best of 'em, who can conjure up the most ridiculous voices that never fail to make Henry laugh, who never shucks his responsibilities.

You are the reason that our life is so happy.

Thank you, Brandon.  Happy Father's Day.