No Tears

There were no tears in our house today.  And for life with a two year old, I call that a monumental win.  

Lately there have been a lot of temper tantrums - ones warranted, ones not so much.  Ones where I'm left in laughter at the sheer ridiculousness of it, ones where I want to stomp and throw myself on the floor right along with him.  Oftentimes I'm left taking a deep breath saying, "He's two, it'll pass, it'll pass".  But of course, it won't because then he'll be three.  And four.  And then a teenager.  I assume the tantrums will end someday, but that day isn't in my near future.

But today, there were no tantrums.  There were no tears.  There was laughter and snuggles and bliss.


I've been working four days a week so that I can be home one day with Henry.  It's the day that I look forward to each week.  And after each of those days off, I'm left reeling, overcome with the desire to get to stay home again and again and again.  But today I didn't let that thought enter my mind.  Today, I was just present.

Today there were no tears.


Our day was nothing exceptional.  A trip the library.  Making nachos together for dinner.  Chasing each other, watching shows, reading books.  The usual.  But it all felt so easy, so comfortable.  Whether my ease being home with him influenced his mood, or his being home with me influenced mine, I'm not sure.  But we were at ease together all day.  Just him and I, enjoying our day together.

It's these days that I want to remember, but it's the days that will probably be forgotten the next time a temper tantrum rears its ugly head.  Why is it that we're so quick to forget the good days when the bad days come around?  In truth, the majority of my life as a mom is good.  So good.  But the days I so frequently remember are the tough ones.  The struggles.  The tears.

Let us all remember the days with no tears.  Those are the good ones.  Those are the days that make up a life.