In Limbo

Have you ever gotten to that point in your life where every option feels like a fork in the road?  If you go left, your life will turn out one way, and turn right, it'll become another.  Life currently feels as if it is one big fork with multiple tines and no clear direction pointing one way or another.

I've felt in limbo before, but in general I've been staring down two options - Option A or Option B.  It feels as if now we have options for everything, choices that we'll have to make, next steps that will need to be evaluated.

Should we stick with one baby, or try for another?
If we have another baby, will I continue to work, or will I stay home while working full-time on the magazine?
What direction do I want to go with for the magazine?  Do I follow my gut or do I do what works?
When do I introduce new products and ideas?  How do I make money to be able to afford these new ideas?
Will we stay here in Pennsylvania, or will we move?
If we do move, where do we want to go - Toledo, or Columbus, or somewhere new?
How much money and time do we want to invest in our house if we may not be here forever?
If we move to a new city, what will I do for work?  Will I work?
Will we be able to travel the way we want and explore the country and the world?
Or is our wanderlust something that must be put on hold while we handle real life?

So many questions and none of them feel as if they have an easy answer because at this point we just don't have all of the information.  We don't know where the next year will take us or what it will bring - babies, new jobs, new lives.  

I'm someone who typically loves change, but these big life changes have me feeling uneasy.  The limbo can feel overwhelming.  But when I think about it, in my heart of hearts, I know what I want from all of these questions.  I know what I would choose.  But whether or not that's the road that our lives will take, it's hard to say.